Who Can Do it First? | Diligence Character Time Activity

Diligence is: “Investing all my energy to complete the tasks assigned to me.” This means focusing your attention and effort on the task you are doing and finishing it on time.


Supplies Needed:
2 plastic cups
2 bean bags
6 blocks
2 slips of paper
2 pencils
Note: If you don’t have one of the items above, you can use something else, you will just have to change the instructions you give your children.

Put one of each thing, and three blocks, at opposite ends of a table and have one child stand at each end. Tell them you are going to give them instructions and whoever does them first is the winner for that round. You can either keep track of how many rounds each child wins or have the winner stay at the table and compete against the next person. Give them instructions such as stack the three blocks on top of each other, flip the cup upside down, write your last name on the piece of paper, put the bean bag on their head, etc.

Talk About It: In the game, you wanted to be the first person to complete the directions. We should have that same response in life when our parents or other authorities give us instructions. We shouldn’t wait until later or until we feel like it, but should obey right away. If we wait, we could forget some of the directions or forget to do the task entirely. Once we have heard all the instructions, we should start doing them unless we are specifically told to wait. When you do this, you are showing diligence by following instructions and doing the tasks you are given. To practice being diligent, do your chores and tasks right away when your parents tell you.

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