Give it Your Best! | Diligence Character Time Activity

Diligence is: “Investing all my energy to complete the tasks assigned to me.” This means focusing your attention and effort on the task you are doing and finishing it on time.


Supplies Needed:
A stack of large books, a heavy box, or some other heavy item

Place the stack of books on a table or hard floor. Tell your child to move them, but they can only use their pinky finger to do it. After they have tried to move it with just their finger, ask them what would be a better way to move it. Then allow them to push the books in whatever way they think is best until they are able to move them.

Talk About It: If you put in only a little effort when trying to move the books, it didn’t move very much. Instead of giving up, you had to put more energy into it. Sometimes we are given a task or a chore that is difficult. We might feel like giving up because it’s too hard, but that’s not showing diligence. To show diligence means to invest all your energy or to give your best effort in the tasks you are given. It might be easier to put in a little effort and then just give up, but when we are doing the right thing, it is important to do our best even when it’s difficult. This helps us and those who are relying on us. You might not have an actual job yet, but you can practice showing diligence by doing your best when you work on your chores, schoolwork, and any other tasks you may have.

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