All the Time? | Diligence Character Time Activity

Diligence is: “Investing all my energy to complete the tasks assigned to me.” This means focusing your attention and effort on the task you are doing and finishing it on time.


Supplies Needed:
A light switch
A sink
An appliance like a microwave or dishwasher
Several other items and devices you use around your house every day such as a clock, a phone, a computer, or a washing machine
Optional: a device in your house that does not work reliably

Go to a room in your house that isn’t very bright and ask your child to turn on the light. Ask them whether or not they thought the light would come on when they flipped the light switch. Talk about what it would be like or how they would feel if the light only turned on some of the time. Go through each of the items and devices, discussing how they are supposed to work and what it would be like if they didn’t work reliably.
Optional: At the end, show them the device that does not work consistently or is broken, and contrast it with the other things you’ve talked about.

Talk About It: We expect things to do the jobs they were made to do, like the light coming on when we flip the light switch. We rely on these things to do the jobs they’re supposed to do. When we are diligent in doing our jobs, people can rely on us as well. They will know that we do a good job and get things finished on time. On the other hand, if we only work hard or finish tasks when we feel like it, we aren’t showing diligence, and others won’t be able to trust us. This can be true when working on our chores, schoolwork, or any other responsibilities we are given. Practice showing diligence by consistently working on and finishing your tasks.


“Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble
Is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.”
Proverbs 25:19

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