Roots and Branches | Responsibility Character Time Activity

Roots and Branches | Responsibility Activity

Responsibility is “Accepting and completing the work I am supposed to do.” This means knowing what things you are expected to do and then doing them.

Today, go outside with your child and find a large tree (you could also find pictures of trees online). Ask them if they can name the different parts of the tree they see (trunk, branches, leaves). But there’s another part of the tree that’s harder to see: the roots. While they are mostly unseen, they are still important. If the tree didn’t have strong roots, then as the branches grew, the tree would become top-heavy and could fall over.

Talk About It: For a tree to have big, strong branches, it must have strong roots. In your life, there is something similar to this. You may want to have more freedom, and you may want people to trust you more, but these are like the branches of the tree. To have these, you must first have strong “roots.” The strong roots represent responsibility. You show responsibility in your life by knowing what you should do and then doing it. Some areas in which you can show responsibility are your chores and your schoolwork or homework. Can you think of any other areas in which you can show responsibility? If there is an area of your life in which you want more freedom, talk to your parents about how you can show more responsibility in that area to earn more trust and freedom.

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