Standing Firm | Self-Control Character Time Activity

Standing Firm | Self-Control Activity

Self-Control is: “Rejecting my own desires and doing what is right.” This means you say “no” to doing the wrong thing and choose to do the right thing instead.

Supplies Needed:
10-15 dominoes

Help your child set up the dominoes in a row. Explain that the dominoes represent people; when they are standing straight up, it’s like people standing for what is right. Knock over the first domino and explain that this is like someone doing the wrong thing. Then other people follow their example and eventually all of them are not standing for what is right. Set all the dominoes up again, but use play-doh to secure one of the dominos in the middle so that it won’t fall over. Knock the first domino over again. This time, there will be one in the middle that doesn’t fall. Explain to your child that this is someone who stands up for what’s right and doesn’t do the wrong thing that others are doing.

Talk About It: There will be times when someone is doing the wrong thing and others start to follow their example. When the people around us aren’t doing what’s right, we must decide to show self-control and not do what the people around us are doing. Even if everyone around us is doing the wrong thing, it’s important that we still stand up for what’s right. This takes self-control because it can be easier to just be like everyone else in order to fit in or get people to like us. But we need to choose to do the right thing regardless of what anyone else is doing. Show self-control by choosing to stand up and do the right thing, even if those around you are not. 

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