Perfectly Still | Self-Control Character Time Activity

Perfectly Still | Self-Control Activity

Self-Control is: “Rejecting my own desires and doing what is right.” This means you say “no” to doing the wrong thing and choose to do the right thing instead.

Today, you and your family can have a contest to see who can lie still the longest. Have everyone lie down on the floor and get into a comfortable position. Watch everyone closely, and if someone moves, they are out. The last person left is the winner.

Talk About It: In addition to showing control in your thoughts and your words, you can also show self-control in your actions. That doesn’t mean we always have to be perfectly still and never move, but we need to stop ourselves from doing something wrong just because we want to do it. We can show control over ourselves by walking in the halls at school or in the house, keeping our hands to ourselves and not hitting people, and staying calm rather than throwing a tantrum when we don’t get our way. Instead, we could do kind things like holding the door for someone or helping clean up a mess even if we didn’t make it. Practice showing self-control by stopping and asking yourself “Is this the right thing to do?” before doing something. Then do what’s right!



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