Completely Satisfied | Self-Control Character Time Activity

Completely Satisfied | Self-Control Activity

Self-Control is: “Rejecting my own desires and doing what is right.” This means you say “no” to doing the wrong thing and choose to do the right thing instead.

Supplies Needed:
A colander
A sink
Dish drying towel
Beads, marbles, or other items that won’t fall through the holes in the colander

Turn on the sink and have your child try to fill the colander up with water. Ask them what the problem is. Then dry out the colander and have your child fill it with the beads. Ask them what is the difference between trying to fill the colander with the water and trying to fill it with the beads.

Talk About It: We can try to be happy by turning to many different things in life, but they never fill us up. The Bible says, “He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver; nor he who loves abundance, with increase” (Ecclesiastes 5:10a). The things we go after to make us happy won’t satisfy us, just like the water couldn’t fill up the colander. There is only one thing that is able to satisfy us: God. When we stop worrying about the things we want or need and focus on God and our relationship with Him instead, we will be content with what we have. We will be grateful for what He has given to us and won’t keep trying to get more and more stuff. When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to spend time with God, and thank Him for some of the things He has given you.



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