Working Together | Humility Character Time Activity

Working Together | Humility Activity

Humility is “Recognizing my proper place in relation to God and others.” This means not thinking of yourself as better or as less important than others, and instead of focusing on yourself, choosing to focus on God and others.

Supplies Needed:
A balloon

Inflate the balloon and tie it off. Then tell one of your children that they must carry the balloon from one end of the room to the other without dropping it, but they can only touch it with their head. The balloon must be touching their head the whole time and if it falls, they must start over. After they have tried several times, suggest that they ask you or a sibling to help them. The second person is also only allowed to touch the balloon with their head, but now the two of them can walk with the balloon held between their two heads.

Talk About It: Sometimes we might want to try to do things on our own. But there are some things that we can’t do by ourselves. There are other things that are much harder when we try to do them alone. When we are in one of these situations, we might want to try to do things all by ourselves and it takes humility to be willing to admit we need help. This could look like asking someone to help us carry something heavy or explain a school assignment that we don’t understand. When you know you need help, show humility by going to someone who can help you and asking for their help rather than trying to do it on your own.



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