The Correct View | Humility Character Time Activity

The Correct View | Humility Activity

Humility is “Recognizing my proper place in relation to God and others.” This means not thinking of yourself as better or as less important than others, and instead of focusing on yourself, choosing to focus on God and others.

Supplies Needed:
A pair of binoculars

Pick an object in the room for your child to look at through the binoculars, and then have them look through the binoculars backward. After they have done those things, have them look at the object without the binoculars. Have them describe the differences they noticed between the three different ways they looked at it.

Talk About It: When you looked at the object in the three different ways, it looked different each time. One time it looked closer and one time it looked farther away. There was only one time when you saw it the way it really was, which was when you looked at it without the binoculars. Similarly, in life, there are three different ways we can view ourselves. We could think that we’re better than other people, which is called pride, or we could think that we’re not as important or valuable as others, which is called low self-esteem. But similarly to when you looked through the binoculars, neither one of these views is seeing ourselves accurately. The proper view of ourselves is humility, and it’s actually not thinking about ourselves at all. Showing humility means that rather than focusing on ourselves, we are thinking about God and others instead. When we do this, we won’t be comparing ourselves with others or thinking about ourselves as more or less important than them. If you start to think too highly or lowly of yourself, practice showing humility by thinking of the people in your life and reasons you can be grateful for them.



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