Tools Illustration | Gratefulness Character Time Activity

Tools Illustration | Gratefulness Activity

Gratefulness is: “Letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life.” This means showing and telling others that you are thankful for all the good they’ve done for you.

Go through the house and have each person collect different tools and utensils (a spoon, hammer, scissors). Make sure that everyone has at least one item. Discuss how each tool or utensil was made for a special purpose. Ask different questions such as, “How well would it work to use a hammer (or another item that someone has) to cut paper?”, “How well would it work to use a fork to sweep the floor?”, or “What would happen if you tried to use a screwdriver to eat your soup?”

Talk About It: Each one of us is different. We have different families and friends, different houses, and different abilities! But differences aren’t bad. Just like each tool and utensil you found is different and has a specific purpose, each person is different and has a specific purpose too. (See 1 Corinthians 12) A way to show gratefulness is to be content with what we have and not worry about what others have or can do. Today, practice contentment with what you have by thinking of something you are good at. Write it down (or draw a picture of you doing it), and then use your gift to help someone.



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