Thank You Notes | Gratefulness Character Time Activity

Thank You Notes | Gratefulness Activity

Gratefulness is: “Letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life.” This means showing and telling others that you are thankful for all the good they’ve done for you.

Supplies needed:
Markers/crayons/colored pencils/stickers
Writing pencil 

Have fun today helping your child write thank you notes or draw pictures to show their appreciation to others (for example, family members, teachers, cafeteria workers, friends, police officers, firemen, doctors, or nurses). For younger children, they can draw a picture and dictate a short message for you to write. This is a special time to help your child think of all the people who have invested in their life!

Talk About It: There are many people in our lives to whom we can show our appreciation. A way to show your appreciation is to write thank you notes to them and let them know you are grateful for all they do for you.



Share a picture of you doing this activity with your child! We’d love to see it!

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