All That’s Expected | Obedience Character Time Activity

All That’s Expected | Obedience Activity

Obedience is: “Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.” This means that when God, your parents, or other authorities in your life tell you to do something, you do it right away with a good attitude.

Supplies Needed:
A large non-transparent bag
A toy airplane (a pilot)
An envelope (a mail carrier)
Pretend food or dishes (a cook or a waiter)
A medal (an athlete)
A roll of paper towels (a janitor or cleaner)

Beforehand, place all the items in a bag. Then have your child pull the items out one at a time. Discuss what person each item represents and what that person’s job is. Ask them what would happen if these people didn’t do everything that was expected of them. For example, what would happen if an athlete ran part of the race and then stopped because they didn’t want to finish? What if a cook only made part of your meal?

Talk About It: It wouldn’t be good if these people didn’t do the whole job that they were expected to do. The same is true of you, though. It’s important that you complete everything that’s expected of you as well. While the jobs you have might not seem as important as the ones you talked about, it’s important that you show obedience and do the whole job. When you do, people will know they can trust you to complete the tasks they give you and you could be given bigger tasks or responsibilities. So whether it’s your chores, schoolwork, or any other responsibilities, practice showing obedience by always doing the whole job that you are given.

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