GPS | Obedience Character Time Activity

GPS | Obedience Activity

Obedience is: “Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.” This means that when God, your parents, or other authorities in your life tell you to do something, you do it right away with a good attitude.

Supplies Needed:
A GPS (a GPS app on your smartphone will also work)

Ask your child to give you the name of a place they enjoy going to. Type the place into the GPS and have it give you directions from your house to that location. Show your child the map with the route on it. Ask your child if they think that GPS is helpful if they don’t know the directions. (Answer: Yes, it would be helpful.) Ask them what would happen if they didn’t listen and instead decided to turn right when it said to go left or always went straight when it said to turn. (Answer: They would get lost and not reach the place they wanted to reach.)

Talk About It: A GPS can’t make you follow it, but it is trying to help you get to where you need to go. In the same way that you would listen to a GPS’s directions so you can get to the right place, we should listen to the directions of authorities in our lives who are trying to help us. These authorities include God, our parents, grandparents, teachers, police officers, and more. When these authorities give us directions, it isn’t because they like telling us what to do. They are older than we are and know more about some things than we do. They could also be aware of dangers that we don’t know about. Make a list of the different authorities in your life and, next to each one, write down a benefit of following their directions and showing obedience to them.

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