Blinded by Anger | Self-Control Character Time Activity

Blinded by Anger | Self-Control Activity

Self-Control is: “Rejecting my own desires and doing what is right.” This means you say “no” to doing the wrong thing and choose to do the right thing instead.

Supplies Needed:
A pair of sunglasses
A plastic cup
A ping pong ball
A pad of sticky notes

Beforehand, write “Anger” on four or five sticky notes. Then give one person the plastic cup, another person the sunglasses and the ping pong ball, and have them stand several feet apart facing each other. The second person should put the glasses on and try to toss the ball into the cup. Have them continue to toss the ball into the cup until they miss. Then have them imagine that they start to get angry because they missed and stick one of the sticky notes labeled “Anger” onto their glasses. Let them continue tossing the ball and every time they miss, add a sticky note to the glasses until they can no longer see. Then have them take the glasses off. Ask them which was easier: to toss the ball when they could see or when the glasses were covered up.

Talk About It: Like the sticky notes that covered up your glasses and blinded you, anger can also blind you. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to literally see; it means that you won’t be thinking clearly and you could make bad decisions. We need to be careful because when we are angry, we could end up saying or doing things that we wouldn’t normally do, and that could hurt those around us. When you feel yourself starting to get angry, practice showing self-control by walking away and calming down before continuing with what you were doing.


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